Definition of the position

The job is carried out on new construction sites or in rehabilitation. The activity involves daily many trips between the different sites and the partners contributing to the realization of the work. Schedules are variable, some management activities (personnel, preparation of reports, preparation of site meetings) can extend into the evening or lead to work on weekends. The responsibility of a site requires to be autonomous and to work in close collaboration with both the field workers (site manager…) and the design teams (quantity surveyors, draftsmen…).


  • Plan and organize, based on a technical file, the various tools and means allowing the execution of the work under the best conditions of deadlines and costs
  • Ensure the technical, administrative and budgetary responsibility of one or more worksites until the guarantee of the perfect completion of the works
  • Is expected to play an increasingly important commercial role (prospecting, negotiation…)
  • Establishes relations with the various external partners (customers, suppliers, administrative services, subcontractors…) or internal partners (design office, management services, site manager…)

Required training

  • The job requires training in general or specialized engineering (ESTP, ENTPE,…), or more rarely, holder of a DUT or BTS with a minimum of 2 years of experience

Qualities required

  • Must have very good management skills
  • Must demonstrate a real relational ease with the customer, suppliers and their team
  • Master the computer tool


  • Beginner: about 32 000 euros/year
  • Junior: about 40,000 euros/year